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Do's and Don'ts to Write Business Letters

A business letter is professionally used by organizations and companies to deal with customers, clients, investors, shareholders and other companies. A business letter delivers any number of non-personal transactions of business, including contract agreements in write essay for me, negotiations, and questions regarding services and meeting arrangements. You may need to write a business letter to enhance your business, communicate with vendors and to share updated information. Creating a business letter is a simple process, all you need is just to follow some basic tips.

Keep in mind: Business letters are formal as compare to the personal letter and there are some rules which need to be followed. You should learn about the basic format of a business letter as this helps in writing. The business letter started at a top center of a page with the essay writer the address and sender's' name, followed by a greeting for the recipient. This is important as this will set a professional tone. Communication dates are very important in business transactions therefore don’t forget to mention the date. 


  •         Write concisely and clearly.  Remember business letters should be concise and clear than any other kind of writing. If business letters consist of more than one page then short one-paragraph of ‘executive Summary’ should be included.

  •         Avoid the unnecessary use of passive voice in your business letter.

  •         Edit/ Proof your work before finalizing. Remember your final version should not look like your initial draft. Check for grammatical and spelling mistakes. Before submission read your hard copy to ensure that all words are spelled correctly.

  •         During reading pretend that you don’t have to write my essay prior knowledge.

  •         Create email messages in a formal business environment. Add proper formalities and punctuations.

  •         Use numbered or bulleted lists in a proper way to alert your readers to important points and conclusions.

  •         Keep your sentence simple and short.

  •         Use concrete language and avoid abstraction.

  •         Highlight or sum up important points. Avoid repetition of information in your business letter.

  •         Use commas correctly and avoid run-on sentences.

  •         Pay full attention to structure and length of paragraphs.

  •         Make the purpose of your business letter clear through targeted and simple language. Keep the opening paragraph brief and include information in subsequent paragraphs. Give your readers a clear and full understanding of the objectives of your business letter.

  •         Add your signature and any contact information at closing.


  •         Don’t write a business letter in a way you would write an email to your friend

  •         Do not use inappropriate fonts. It is best to use Times New Roman or something similar.

  •         Do not use a font size that is smaller than 10 and larger than 12.

  •         Do not use the same verb and adjective repeatedly

  •         Do not write a confusing essay for business readers. The business letter cheap essay writing service requires a very different method to summarize facts for your colleagues and boss. Try to organize your thoughts under descriptive headers.

  •         Do not add your opinion. Phrases such as ‘In my opinion, ‘I think’ should be avoided.

  •         Do not wait until the last minute to start writing a business letter.

  •         Close the business letter by thanking the person for their consideration and time.

  •         Do not use messaging and slangs language as this does not indicate professionalism

  •         Write the business letter in a polite tone and avoid unnecessary details.

The above list is just a brief overview of dos and don’ts of the best business letter. If you are writing a business letter for the first time and asking yourself ‘How to write a business letter’? Then don’t scratch your head as you can avail write my essay online service.

Just follow the above list to write a polished and professional letter. Good luck!

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